Resin Fibre Discs

One of the most popular coated abrasive products used in the industry. Constructed with a heavy-duty vulcanized fibre backing with resin-bonded, electrostatically-coated grain, these durable discs are designed to handle the most challenging of all metalworking applications. We manufacture an extensive offering of application-specific resin fibre discs, ranging from general purpose aluminum oxide to high-performance ceramic so you can select the option that is best suited for your particular needs.


the marvel advantage:

All discs are individually coated, assuring consistent grain dispersion to the all-important outermost edge of the disc.


  • Electrostatic coating process orients each grain into the sharpest cutting position to maximize cutting performance
  • Each disc is mechanically flexed to a specific shape to promote the best assembly relationship when mounting to a back-up pad
  • Product range includes five levels of graduating performance so you can select the disc that best suits your performance and economic preferences


What is "Super-size?"

Super-size is a third, soft resin coating that is infused with grinding aids that break down gradually during use to cool and lubricate the disc. Discs with a super-size are recommended for applications involving heat-sensitive materials like stainless steel and Inconcel®, when heat generation and surface burning are concerns.