Let us build you a product lineup that lives up to your name.


Incorporating your own private brand into your product offerings does more than just enhance your profitability, it garners your brand recognition in the eyes of your customers and bolsters your reputation.

Your exclusive private label program is manufactured in the USA to exacting standards and completely ISO Certified. We offer a good, better, best performance system as well as comprehensive graphic and marketing support.



Product offering

Products listed are the standard offering for distributors. However, all Bullard products are available for private branding. Prices and minimum order quantities for those outside this standard offering are determined on a case-by-case basis.


Box labels

All box labels are barcode readable and full color printed. Subject to the same terms and conditions as wheel blotters.

Wheel blotters

All blotters are barcode readable and pressed into the wheel. Flap disc blotters are printed on white paper PSA and added to disc. All blotters require signed customer approval. Certain industry standards such as warning and icon information are required.



All prices are based on standard Bullard packaging as listed in our product catalog. Additional charges will apply for non-standard packaging.


For more information or to get started with your own private label, download our full program outline.