Bullard Abrasives, Inc. (the "company") warrants that all industrial products in manufactures (the "products") will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use for which the product was intended if, and only if, it has been properly stored and used. Our obligation under this warranty shall be limited to either the exchange of any product proven to be defective under normal use or to refund the purchase price thereof, at our option, with twelve (12) months from the date of purchase by the original purchaser. The term "original purchaser," as used in this warranty, shall be deemed to mean that person or company to whom the product was originally sold. This remedy is purchaser's exclusive remedy against the company for any damages to either person or property caused by any defect or other failure in the product. Said refund or exchange shall constitute a fulfillment of any and all liabilities of the company with respect to the quality of the products sold by it. 

This warranty is expressly in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied, including the warranties of merchantability, fitness for purpose, and/or fitness for use and of all other obligations or liabilities on the part of the company and any other person to assume for it, any other liability in connection with the sale of the company's products. This warranty shall not apply to any product sold by the company which has been subject to damage by accident or negligence of the user or any alteration, abuse, or misuse. The company makes no warranty with respect to accessories or parts employed by the user with any product which were not liable for any direct incidental, special, or consequential damages (including the company's lost profits) in any way relating to the products.