Angle Grinder Cut-Off Wheels Type 1


Angle Grinder Cut-Off Wheels Type 1

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Offered in a wide range of specifications to meet any cutting application, our cut-off wheels deliver industry leading performance and quality.

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Our MAX FORCE+ Type 1 ceramic cutting wheels are top performers. These wheels offer state-of-the-art ceramic grain for premium cooler cutting with sharper, faster cuts, as well as self-sharpening strength and durability on every rotation. These wheels are excellent for extra sharp power for cutting through sheet metals, stainless steel tubing, pipes and rusted bolts to name a few. Premium value on carbon steel and stainless steel leads us to boast precision performance with high efficiency!


  • Application: Carbon steel and stainless steel

  • Contaminant-free cutting - Fe + S + Cl <0.1%

  • Top performers - state-of-the-art ceramic grain

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MAX FORCE thin cut-off wheels turn your grinder into a turbocharged cutting machine. They tackle every type and cross-section of material with impressive results. If you are using a high-powered grinder and want to maximize performance, MAX FORCE wheels are the ones that will get you to the winner's circle.

SGA60U, ZA60T:

  • Application: Stainless steel and high tensile alloys

  • Contaminant-free of stainless steel. No iron, sulfur or chlorine

  • Super premium long life cutting wheel specifically designed to cut all forms of stainless steel, high tensile alloys, chrome and Inconel® alloys

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HIGH ENERGY thin cut-off wheels blend performance with extended wheel life. A slightly thicker version of their smaller siblings the LIGHTNING wheels, yet still maintain the rapid cutting action characteristics of the thinner wheels.

TA60U, TA46T, TA36T:


  • Application: Ferrous metals and stainless

  • Premium long life, faster cutting .045 thick wheels

  • A rigid, thicker wheel with improved grain and resin combination to take on the most demanding cutting application


  • Application: Ferrous metals (angle iron, rebar and steel)

  • Secondary application: stainless steel, high tensile alloy 1/16” thick

  • A premium wheel with longer life and maximum wheel performance on ferrous metals


  • Application: Ferrous metals

  • Secondary application: stainless steel, high tensile alloy 3/32” thick

  • A premium wheel for heavy duty use

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  • Application: Non-ferrous metals (aluminum, brass and copper)

  • A thin .040 wheel for fast, cool burr-free cutting

  • Special formulation to prevent loading

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LIGHTNING wheels are essentially a thinner version of our High Energy formulation. All the same great performance with slightly faster cutting speed and smaller cut-line in the material being worked on. Due to their thinner profile, LIGHTNING wheels are a bit more flexible, allowing them to get into tight recesses.


  • Application: Ferrous metals (iron, steel, welds, etc.)

  • A thin .040” wheel for fast, cool, burr-free cutting

  • Specially treated aluminum oxide grain for increased wheel performance

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  • Application: Concrete, masonry and stone

  • Harder bond - improved wheel life for increased wheel performance

  • Silicon carbide grain

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COMPETITOR wheels are an entry-level general purpose cutting wheel designed for all applications.

A60T, A46T:

  • Application: ferrous metals (iron, steel, welds, etc.)

  • A60T: General purpose - fast cutting

  • A46T: General purpose - long life

  • Value line

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