Quick-Change Fibre-Backed Discs SGP Type R


Quick-Change Fibre-Backed Discs SGP Type R

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Quick-Change Fibre-Backed Discs - Type R

Premium Ceramic Super-Sized - SGP

Marvel’s line of quick-change fibre-backed discs is essentially a small diameter version of our large diameter program. Unlike various types of cloth backings, a vulcanized fibre backing has the ability to effectively anchor each grain (cutting point) until it has been consumed, resulting in prolonged performance and extended service life. The ability to significantly slow the pace of wear on the perimeter of these discs is a hallmark attribute of the fibre-backed disc. Please refer to the features and benefits of our larger resin fibre discs for making proper disc selection in this category.

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What is “Super-Size”?

Super-size is a third, soft resin coating that is infused with grinding aids that break down gradually during use to cool and lubricate the disc. Discs with a super-size are recommended for applications involving heat-sensitive materials like stainless steel and Inconcel®, when heat generation and surface burning are concerns.